Gazzella Multi Speed

Grinder/Polisher for marble and soft stones usable both with abrasives and with diamond tools.
Plastic water tank and base frame in aluminium.
The only one equipped with electric leveler fitted in the centre of the machine to align the back wheels.
Clockwise and counterclockwise motor revolution with variable speed on display.

Pantera 2T

Double-head grinding and Polishing Machine for Marble, Granite and hard stones fitting either traditional abrasive stones or diamond tools. Aluminium base frame, it is the only one equipped with an electric level for back wheels and with an hydraulic jack with third wheel for a fast and easy replacement of the stones.


  • 2 Crown wheels with 4 sector for granite
  • 16 Flat honing heads for granite Ø 100 mm
  • 8 Quick connection honing heads for granite Ø 100 mm
  • 2 Honing heads for marble
  • 2 Abrasive stones guard rings
  • 1 Rubberized spatula
  • 1 Set of servicing spanners